We offer a range of engaged strategic services & solutions. Customized to each specific client, our processes always depart from existing brand DNA, values and production. Our solutions and actions are created today with the aim of having a positive long-term impact on the world of tomorrow.


From every-day decisions to specific and holistic 5-year plans. We create and tailor strategic plans and solutions and know that sustainable change takes time - and insight, leadership and commitment.


Many questions arise on a daily basis - and we offer knowledge-based day-to-day consultancy and guidance on sustainability questions. Our clients can reach us by phone, email or in person.


We advise on and create strategic, value-based communication tools and plans. With a deep understanding of consumer behaviour and cultural change, we offer insights to help companies share their actions and visions.


How to work with and integrate sustainability, where to start and what is the potential of sustainable change for your specific company? We facilitate and create a range of workshops based on needs, company size and challenges.

Sustainable Development Goals

We actively use and engage the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) in our work. A strategic and effective tool in mapping your company, we offer processes to help you incorporate the SDG’s into your strategy.

Insights & Data-driven knowledge

We believe that knowledge is key when making informed decisions. We gather insights and collect data, map consumer behaviour and study the latest research to provide your company with the knowledge needed to take action.


On top of our engaged services, we offer workshops and talks on a number of issues. Some are directed at sustainable business development, design processes, communication and marketing, others are general interest talks on sustainability issues. Below are a list of workshops and talks - all can be customized to the occasion, the company and the audience.


Sustainability and design:

How do designers and design companies tackle sustainability issues, and what are the latest advances in sustainable design?

Fashioning sustainability:

The relationship between fashion and sustainability is a tricky one. How do you work with sustainability when the core of fashion is change?


UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in fashion and design brands.

How to identify the goals that fit to your brand and what actions, strategies and processes can they lead to?


Are your core values sustainable?

Creating sustainable change often starts by examining your existing brand DNA. We suggest tools and directions to get started.


Jump on the cycle: How to succeed with circular economy transition.

How do designers and brands successfully rethink their processes within the framework of circularity?


Reduce, reuse, recycle: Consumer culture in the age of sustainability.

Best practices and ways to engage with critical consumers. Focus on insights, framework and development of brand guidelines.

Value-based storytelling:

How to create exciting content and market your sustainable efforts in ways that captivate and engage consumers.


Trash Culture:

With the growing interest in circular economy, waste and ressources have never been more popular. But what characterizes waste and what can we do to get rid of it?

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Reusing fashion

Second-hand and vintage is a booming market, but old clothes have always influenced designers. This talk explores the relationship between fashion, second-hand and design, and reveals surprising connections.