In futurum helps companies prepare for a more sustainable future.

As experienced professionals in the field of responsible business and lifestyle communications, we help companies understand their core values, define their offering, and communicate in the best way possible. We dive into company processes and DNA and create new understandings of how sustainable production, better practices and value-based communication can help future-proof and bolster companies for a modern world with critical consumers.

In futurum provides consulting within a sustainable transition throughout core activities such as design, sourcing, logistics, communication, marketing and sales. We identify barriers and opportunities unique to each client, we analyse company values and marketing processes, and look at how they align with responsible principles and ensure a future with a strong, value-based foundation.

how we work

what we do:

  • we develop grounded analysis combining real insight and industry knowledge.

  • we create holistic strategies based on client needs with sustainable change at the core.

  • we advise and assist the client through the process of change.

  • we develop transparent and robust communication strategies.

how we do it:

  • Interviews, workshops and observations

  • analysis of industry data

  • concept development

  • communication training

  • mapping: business model, core values, sustainability potential

  • collaborations with external partners

  • presentations and facilitation